Heliseco has been helping companies reach their online customers since 1997.  One of the first online marketing companies, we have built the knowledge needed to effectively manage your internet presence while changing to the ever undulating landscape of browsers, operating systems and now, search engine companies who rule the virtual world.

We started out in a two room flat on the East Side of London, but with age came the desire to escape one of the most crowded cities on the planet.  Situated on the outskirts of Edinburgh, we enjoy our large front garden that our admin tends on almost a daily basis.

The lights burn bright every minute of each day as our team of over 100 full-time employees works to meet the widely varying demands of our valued clients.

Richard Graham

The older of the two Graham brothers, Richard attended Oxford and received his degree in Marketing in 1990.  While watching the burgeoning internet world grow, he instinctively understood that many of the concepts taught in the classroom would soon be outdated by the accessibility of the internet to almost anybody on the planet.  He worked to understand how the viral nature of social media platforms functioned and began to target his campaigns on short clickable moments.

By the year 2000, Richard’s success had been noted by the bitcoin casino, Drake Casino.  Theirs has been a long-time partnership ever since.

David Graham

David joined his brother in 2008 as Chief Financial Officer of the now growing Heliseco brand. He earned his Masters in Advanced Mathematics at Phoenix University in Arizona, USA.  He has led the charge to improving Heliseco’s SEO scores and applying altering responses to words in the world search vocabulary.

“There is no golden word in marketing anymore.  Every day brings a new viral topic and it takes lightning responses to harness the power of the world’s short attention span.”

David has no favorite hobby. He picks a new one every month.

Our Neighborhood

The Heliseco campus is situated on an old farm.  We still have a few sheep that graze the acres of untended grass. But overall, our neighbors are other small farms that bring fresh vegetable to the markets in Edinburgh.  Since we spend so much time keyed into the hectic world of the internet, the bucolic view out our windows brings a certain amount of peace to our days.

Our Team

The Creative Design Collaborative initiative is headed by Eugenia Smythe.  She brings a unique ability to blend talents of individuals together for fantastic results.  Bradley Sharpton works in the SEO Engine lab, where he crunches numbers for much of the day. In our Social Media lab, Li Shin Tun acts as a cheerleader for the young group of professionals who work tirelessly to meet deadlines with fun and clickable content.

We are always seeking new talent.  If you think you have what it takes to join an international marketing force, send your resume to Eugenia.  We have no minimal requirements, but encourage you to send us an extensive portfolio of your achievements in the online marketing and design community.

Support the World

At Heliseco, we believe that although we make all our money in the virtual world, it is important to protect the one that feeds us.  Richard and David are board members of the International Nature Conserve, where they work to protect endangered habitats, so that there will always be open space for the world’s wildlife to live in peace.

They encourage everybody who works at the Edinburgh labs to volunteer an entire work day once a month.  As of February 2016, Heliseco has donated over 5,538 volunteer hours and protected 216,000 acres of threatened lands.