Every online casino must work tirelessly to generate new customers and more importantly, the loyalty of existing ones.  The internet is a vast ocean of click opportunities. Heliseco excels at capitalizing on your audience’s need to win.  Give our customer service line a call any time of the day and we’ll be happy to coordinate your next successfully marketing campaign.

SEO Services

New customers have to be able to find you.  Our Content Generation department has extensive experience in generating the exact words for your website, social media posts and advertising campaigns that will send your online casino to the top of the search engine results.

You know who 7red, Drake Casino and BGO Casino are because their marketing campaigns utilize all the words their players use to search for them when the whim to play some online slots comes over them.

Test us out! We offer a free 7-day SEO program to anybody who buys a month-long social media campaign for all four platforms.  See what a difference targeted content can bring to your bottom line.

Social Media

You simply cannot rely on a single social media platform to get the word out to all your potential customers.  Specific demographics remain loyal to Facebook, while others are eager to jump on the quickly diminishing posts on Snapchat and other short-term posting sites.  How do keep all the social media balls in the air?  When you purchase one of our Social Media campaign packages, you’ll have a social media manager assigned to your account.  They will be responsible for generating all the posts you require with the targeted message.  Daily usage statistics will be sent to you.  If you are missing an account on a site, we’ll help you get up and running with branding that will run seamless between sites.

Viral Marketing

Perfect for the launch of a new game or promotion of a hot new tournament, our Viral Marketing Campaigns will bring all guns to bear to saturate the market with mention of your specific product.  We have the knowledge and reach to ensure hashtags will trend and be picked up my major media markets across the globe.  There is nothing quite so thrilling as your topic reaching the one million mark and climbing in two short days.

Advertising can be free when you kick of exposure with a viral marketing campaign. You will pay for the upfront launch, but the world will provide the rest of the mentions, air time and prime time exposure needed to make your new game the number one in the world.

Meet with our Creative Design Collaborative for the best launch your company has ever experienced.


Your YouTube channel can be a quiet catalogue that is never visited, or it can be an inexpensive means to reach the multi-media advertising market.  However, attention to this hugely used platform is needed to achieve success.  Hire a Channel Supervisor, who will focus on promoting your multiple user-friendly gaming videos that encourage players to try out a new game.

If you need videos produced, we can connect you with award winning studios able to produce eye-catching shorts that generate interest and enthusiasm.

Integrated Campaigns

When you need more help than a single area of your marketing strategy, our Creative Design Collaborative teams are trained to ensure that no corner of your advertising budget is wasted.  You’ll have a campaign producer directing the SEO, Social Media, and Video segments to push each and every release in the viral stream.  The more market saturation your logo is involved in, the more customers, more clicks and more money your online casino will generate.

Integrated Campaigns take commitment from both Heliseco and your company.  However, the results are second to none.

Who Are Our Customers?

Who takes advantage of our excellence in marketing?  Try some of the biggest names in the industry.  BGO, Drake Casino, 7red and Mr. Green all turn to their CDC for the best in online marketing.